Giant Butterfly Valves PD Series - Elastomer Seated

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PDCPD Body and Disc

. PDCPD is a polyolefin thermoset plastic with temperature ratings and chemical resistance similar to those of PP
. 110 psi tight shut-off
. Less than half the weight of cast iron valves
. No metal parts contact the media

 Actuation & Accessories
. Please consult JJD

The PD Series Giant Butterfly valve has a full elastomeric seat with bubble tight seal. Only the seat (liner) and disc are wetted parts. The disc and seat are spherically designed for long cycle life. The liner is a full seat requiring low bolt torques to seal against piping flanges.

PDCPD (Polydicyclopenthadiene) is a polyolefin thermoset plastic. Valve parts are manufactured by a process called reaction injection moulding (RIM). PDCPD has excellent corrosion resistance and temperature ratings, very similar to those of polypropylene. It is durable material offering high impact strength and a fraction of the weight of cast iron.

Additional Features

Sizes from 28” to 48”

High Working Pressures
• 110 psi for all sizes

ISO Actuator Mounting Dimensions
• Top flange and shaft have ISO 5211 standard dimensions for easy actuator mounting

Light Weight
• Less then half the weight of cast iron
• Significantly lower cost of installation and removal for maintenance

Easily Installed
• Full bolt hole circle makes installation and alignment easy
• No flange gaskets are necessary

Easily Maintained
• Seat is easily replaceable

Non-Wetted Metal Parts
• No metal components ever come in contact with the media
• Metal inserts inside body and disc add strength






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