CAMLOCK, Swivels, CAM arms position/swivel for awkward spaces

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I.S.O. Standards, Glass Filled Polypropylene, Food Contacts, Stainless Arms and Pins, Made in UK

The ‘SWIVEL IT’ is a truly unique approach to Camlocks and IBC Adapters with the ability to turn the outer ‘shell’ to position for assembly and keep the center hose/pipe fitting in place.

  • Solid and flexible pipe sub-assemblies can now be put in place ready for assembly and then the outer ‘shell’ positioned and sealed into place.

    • This simplifies assembly reduces assembly time and reduces assembly costs.

  • All ‘SWIVEL IT’ systems have a seal on the outer moving ‘shell’ so no need for messy and time-consuming thread tape or thread seal type systems in difficult to get to places.

    • Reduces time used on assembly and reduces sealant costs.

  • Follow up maintenance and repairs visits simplified and, potentially, faster visit times/more customer calls.

    • Some sub-assemblies can be sent to customers for self-assembly reducing service costs and increasing spares margins.

  • Consistent assembled lengths on products.

    • Threaded reducers often increase or decrease overall assembled product lengths and increase the difficulty on assembly – adds to assembly cost and potentially jeopardises quality.

  • Ease of assembly.

    • The Camlock assembly arms/ears can be moved to the most convenient position for sealing.

The IBC Swivel It:

  • Decreases the time required to move IBC’s in and out of their ‘docking’ position.

    • The Swivel device rotates to unhook the IBC and then reassembled on the new IBC.

  • No more twisted hoses.

    • No movement of the hose assembly means that hoses are twisted or crushed when moved.

  • The potential to ‘hard plumb’ IBC’s using a Swivel It Adapter to thread assemblies onto and off the IBC.

    • The Swivel outer shell means the IBC can be connected and disconnected without moving the hose assembly.

Camlock reducers offer a one-piece solution to a 2,3 or even 4 piece reducer assembly and all the threaded tape and thread seal used:

  • These frequently leak on test and then need to be reassembled.

    • This all too often impacts on other assembled parts that need to be removed.

  • The reducer assembly can be done differently each time depending on what parts are available.

    • This leads to inconsistent assembly lengths increasing assembly times and potentially jeopardises quality.

  • Consistent one piece leak free product

    • Reduces time used on assembly and reduces sealant costs

The ‘SWIVLEL IT’ family of products are time saving on production and help service engineers on breakdown and maintenance call out.






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