Type 57P Elastomer Seated, Gear Operated, Butterfly Valves (PVC body with PVDF disc)

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PVC Body with PVDF Disc – Gear Operated

. Type 57P  feature ISO standard actuator mounting pads and top shaft dimensions for easy actuation
. Type 57P PVC valves are certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for contact with drinking water

. Alternate metal shafts.  Consult us.

. Please refer to Electric and Pneumatic Actuation pages for more information

Elastomer seated butterfly valves have a successful history of over 40 years and have replaced metal valves in many difficult process applications. Type 57P body, disc and seat are designed to offer excellent flow characteristics and low closing torques. Stem torques are unaffected by excessive flange bolt torques. Valves up to 16” have corrosion resistant FRP gear operators. Top flange and shaft dimensions are to ISO 5211 standard for easy mounting of actuators. A large selection of body, disc and seat materials permit these valves into a wide range of on/off and throttling control applications in lines up to 24” size.

Additional features

Compact and Light Weight 316 Stainless Steel Stem

Moulded valve body tag holes

Lever Position Indicator
• Highly visible 0 degrees to 90 degrees position indicator with 10 degree intervals
• 19 fine adjustment locking positions for lever type valves

High Corrosion Resistance
• Solid plastic body and disc
• Polypropylene hand levers up to 8”
• FRP gear operators up to 16”

Abrasion Resistant
• Solid plastic disc
• PVDF disc available for high abrasion resistance

Easy Actuator Mounting
• Valves up to 16” have standard ISO 5211 top flange and shaft dimensions

Easily Installed
• Full bolt hole circle makes installation and alignment easy

Better Sealing
• Spherical disc/seat seal design offers effective sealing at lower stem torques, and long life for the seat
• Increased internal sealing performance
• Full seat design eliminates gasket

Better Flow
• Streamlined disc offers higher Cv values

Protection against Flange Bolt Over Tightening
• Body gussets and new seat design prevent excessive flange bolt torques from affecting valve stem torques


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