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Spears Manufacturing

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Double Containment Products ↗

PVC DWV Drain Waste Vent Pipe and Fittings ↗

PVC Schedule 40 & 80 DWV Fabricated Fittings ↗

EverTUFF CPVC CTS Fittings Valves Pipe & Cement ↗

Expansion Joints ↗

Spiral Barb & Regular Insert Fittings ↗

Lab Specialty Products ↗

LabWaste CPVC Corrosive Waste Drainage Systems ↗

LabWaste Standard CPVC & HDPE Neutralization Tanks ↗

Low-Extractable Piping For Ultra-Pure Water Systems ↗

PVC, CPVC & PE Nipples ↗

Pipe Clamp Hangers, Spacers & Accessories CLIC TOP & CLIC ↗

CPVC & PVC Thermoplastic Pipe ↗

Polypropylene Overview ↗

Polypropylene Schedule 80 Natural & Black SR Threaded Fittings ↗

Polypropylene Valves & Accessories ↗

PVC & CPVC Duct & Fabricated Duct Fittings ↗

PVC & CPVC Metric Fittings, Unions & Valves ↗

Special Reinforced (SR) & Metal Threaded Transition Fittings & Adapters ↗

Strainers & Filters ↗

Schedule 40 Fittings

PVC White Schedule 40 Pipe ↗

PVC Clear Ultra Violet Resistant (UVR) PVC Pipe Cement ↗

PVC Clear Schedule 40 Pipe & Fittings ↗

PVC Beige Ultra Violet Resistant (UVR) Schedule 40 Fittings & Cement ↗

PVC White Schedule 40 - Hard to Find Configurations - Pool & Spa Specialties ↗

PVC Schedule 40 Pipe Flanges ↗

PVC Schedule 40 Fittings ↗

PVC Gray Schedule 40 Fittings & Cement ↗

PVC White Saddles & Hot-Tap Saddles ↗

PVC Compression, Repair - GripLoc Fittings ↗

PVC Black Schedule 40 Pipe & Fittings ↗

Schedule 80 Fittings

PVC Industrial Pipe ↗

PVC Schedule 80 Fittings ↗

PVC Compression & Repair Fittings ↗

PVC Gauge & Instrument Fittings ↗

PVC Gray Saddles & Hot-Tap Saddles ↗

Schedule 80 CPVC Fittings

CPVC Industrial Pipe ↗

CPVC Schedule 80 Fittings ↗

CPVC GripLoc Fittings ↗

CPVC Gauge & Instrument Fittings ↗

CPVC Gray Saddles & Hot-Tap Saddles ↗


Backwater, Sewage & Sump Pump Specialty Valves ↗

Ball Valves ↗

Butterfly Valves ↗

Check Valves ↗

Diaphragm Valves ↗

Gate Valves ↗

Globe Valves ↗

Needle Valves ↗

Y-Pattern Valves ↗

Irrigation Turf

EverTUFF TURF Ball Valves ↗

EverTUFF TURF Fittings For Golf Course Turf Applications ↗

EverTUFF TURF Mechanical Clamp-on Transition Saddles ↗

EverTUFF TURF Repair GripLoc Fittings ↗

EverTUFF TURF Swing Joint Riser Assemblies ↗

EverTUFFTURF Swing Joint Riser Assemblies Information ↗

Polyethylene Irrigation Elbows Cut-Off Nipples ↗

PVC 80 100 125 PSI PIP Fabricated Fittings ↗

PVC Class 63 100 125 160 200 IPS Fabricated Fittings Molded Class 125 ↗

PVC Irrigation Manifold Systems ↗

PVC Irrigation Specialty Products ↗

PVC Low Head PIP Fabricated Fittings Risers Accessories ↗

Turf Swivel Joints ↗

Technical Appendices

Appendix B - Applicable Industry Standards _ Test Methods ↗

Appendix C - Product Approvals & Certifications ↗

Appendix D - Recommendations for Installers & Users ↗

Appendix E - Product Codes ↗

Appendix F - Terms & Conditions ↗

Appendix G - Select Product Case Studies ↗

Appendix H - Special Information on Fabricated Fittings ↗

Appendix I - Basic Abbreviations Used in this Catalog ↗


Asahi Valves

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Ball Check and Foot Valves

Ball and Foot Valves ↗

Maintenance Instructions ↗

Ball Valves

HC Series High Capacity Ball Valves ↗

SL Series Cavity Free Ball Valve ↗

SM2 Metering Ball Valves ↗

SP2 Proportional Ball Valves ↗

Type 21 Ball Valve Accessories ↗

Type 21 True Union Ball Valves ↗

Type 23 Multiport Ball Valves ↗

Type 27 Compact Industrial Ball Valves ↗

ChemValve Fluoropolymer Lined Butterfly Valves 

ChemValve Fluoropolymer Lined Butterfly Valves ↗

ChemValve CST Butterfly Valves Installation and Operation Instructions ↗

ChemValve Butterfly Valve Installation Interference ↗

ChemValve Metal Body Fluoroploymer Lined Butterfly Valves 

ChemValve Metal Body Fluropolymer Lined Butterfly Valves ↗

ChemValve Metal Body Butterfly Valve Installation Interference ↗

Controls and Regulation


AA Series Air and Vacuum Release Valves ↗

AR Series Air and Vacuum Release (Venting) Valves ↗

BF Series Ball Float Valves ↗

SG Series Gauge Isolators  ↗


CC Series Calibration Columns ↗

ChemLance Corporation Stop ↗

Portable Chemical Metering and Dosing ↗


Bolt-On Pipe Saddles ↗

Filtration Products, Screen and Disc Filters and Hydro Cyclones ↗

Grooved End Piping System Fittings and Valves ↗

Hydro Cyclones ↗


E Series Exner Characterized Control Valves ↗

SB 10-11 Series Back Pressure Relief Valves ↗

SB 12 Series Back Pressure Relief Valves ↗

SR50 Series Pressure Regulating (Reducing) Valves ↗

Diaphragm Valves 

AV Manual Diaphragm Valves Type 14, 15 ↗

Diaphragm Valves Type 14 Users Manual Installation and Maintenance ↗

Type 710 Diagragm Valve Pneumatically Actuated Maintenance Instructions ↗

Type 710 Diaphragm Valves Pneumatically Operated ↗

Type 720 Diaphragm Valves Manually Operated ↗

Type 720 Manually Operated Diagragm Valve Maintenance Instructions ↗

Type 730 Pneumatically Actuated Diaphragm Valve ↗

Type 730 Series Diaphragm Valves Maintenance Instructions ↗

Type 731 Pneumatically Actuated Diaphragm Valve ↗

Type 750 Pneumatically Actuated Diaphragm Valve ↗

Type 750 Series Diaphragm Valve Maintenance Instructions ↗

Type 760 Manual Diaphragm Valve ↗

Type 760 Manually Operated Diagragm Valve Maintenance Instructions ↗

Type 761 Diaphragm Valves Manually Operated ↗

Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valves 

Butterfly Valve Installation and Maintenance Manual ↗

Butterfly-Valve-Installation-Interference Type 57 56 TB Series ↗

Type 57IL Lug Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valves ↗

Type 57LIS-IS Narrow Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valves ↗

Type 57P, 56, 75 Wafer Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valves ↗

Electric Valve Actuators 

A-Series Electric Actuator ↗

A and Q Series Electric Actuator Installation and Maintenance ↗

E-Series Electric Actuators ↗

E-Series Electric Actuator Installation and Maintenance ↗

Electomni Electric Actuators ↗

Electomni Electric Actuators Installation and Maintenance ↗

ERS Series Electric Actuators ↗

ERS Series Electric Actuator Technical Information and Set-up ↗

Q-Series Electric Actuators ↗

Q-Series Actuator Installation and Maintenance Instructions ↗

V-Series Electric Actuator ↗

Flowmeters and Instrumentation 

Digiflow Flow Meters and Instruments ↗

Digiflow FlowX3 ChemX3 ↗

FC and FS Series Variable Area Flowmeters ↗

Gate Valves

CGA Series Flanged Gate Valves ↗

Gate Valve Maintenance Instructions ↗

Giant Butterfly Valves 

PD Series Giant Butterfly Valves ↗

Globe Valves

Globe Valves ↗

Globe Valves Maintenance Instructions ↗

Labcock Valves

LA Series Lab Cocks ↗

LC Series Lab Cocks ↗

Plastomatic Valves

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Combined use of Relief Valve & Vacuum Breaker Eliminates Siphon ↗

Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves

2 Way Manual Ball Valves ↗

Cafe and Cafe Nitro Electric Actuators ↗

Limit Switches and Limit Stops for air-actuators on valve sizes up to 2″ ↗

Limit Switches for air-actuators on valve sizes 3″ - 4″ ↗

MBV with Sanitary Connections ↗

Series ABR 2-way Air Actuated Ball Valves 1¼", 1½" and 2" ↗

Series ABR 3 - 4″ sizes ↗

Series ABV 2-way Air Actuated Ball Valves ½", ¾" and 1" ↗

Series EBVB and TEBVB Electrically-Actuated Ball Valves, 3/8″ – 4″ sizes, 2-way and 3-way ↗

Series EBVC and TEBVC OnOff Electric Ball Valves, 3/8″ – 2″ sizes, 2-way and 3-way ↗

Series EBVF TEBVF Multi-Voltage Actuator with Fail-Safe ↗

Series EPP Electro-Pneumatic Positioner for 4-20mA control of air-actuated ball valves ↗

Series LMBV Lateral Reducing Tee Valve ↗

Series MBV and TMBV 2-Way and 3-Way True Union Manual Ball Valves 3" and 4" ↗

Series MBVL with Lockout Option also for Field Retrofit ↗

Series MBVM Metering Manual Ball Valve also for Field Retrofit ↗

Series MBVSE Manual Ball Valves with Stem Extensions also for Field Retrofit ↗

Series TABV and TABR 3-way Air Actuated Ball Valves ↗

Series TMBV 3-Way Manual Ball Valves ↗

Series ZC Characterized Ball Control Valves ↗

Z-Vent for Sodium Hypochlorite ↗

Check Valves

Series CKD Compact Diaphragm Check Valves ↗

Series CKM and CK Self Closing Diaphragm Check Valves ↗

Series CKS Self-Closing Check Valves ↗

Gauge Guards and Instrumentation

BASIKS GGME Miniature Gauge Guard ↗

BASIKS Series FS Flow Switch ↗

BASIKS Series FSA Adjustable Flow Switch ↗

BASIKS Series LLS Level Switch ↗

Series DPFM Differntial Pressure Flow Meters ↗

Series DPG Differential Pressure Gauges ↗

Series DPI and DPIS Differential Pressure Indicators ↗

Series FIG and FIGS Variable Area Flow Indicators ↗

Series GGMU Zero dead-leg Ultra-pure Gauge Guards ↗

Series GGS, GGTS, GGVS, GGSE High-performance Gauge Guards ↗

Series GGS-LE Pressure Transducer with Instrument Isolator ↗

Series GGSE with Acrylic Shield ↗

Series PT Pressure and Temperature Tridicator Gauges ↗

Series SWT Pressure Switch ↗

Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulator Performance Curves ↗

Pressure Regulators with Non-Rising Adjusting Bolt ↗

PRHM Metric Flow Curves ↗

Selection Chart to Determine Product Series ↗

Series PR High Performance Pressure Regulator 3" PP and 1-1/2" PTFE ↗

Series PRA and PRAM Air-Loaded Pressure Regulator ↗

Series PRD Differential Pressure Regulator ↗

Series PRH High Performance Pressure Regulator 1/4" - 3" ↗

Series PRH-U Ultra-pure Series PRH High Performance Pressure Regulator ↗

Series PRHM High Performance Pressure Regulator ↗

Series PRS Automatic Stabilizer for Air-Loaded Pressure Regulator ↗

Series PRU Ultra-pure Pressure Regulator SUPERSEDED By Series UPR ↗

Series UPR Ultra-pure Pressure Regulator w 5-100 PSI set range ↗

Series UPRS Ultra-pure Pressure Regulator with positive shutoff  ↗

Series ZSP Spigot End Connectors ↗

What, How, Where and Why of Pressure Regulators ↗

Process Controls and Pumps

Application Diagram ↗

Line Card ↗

Relief, Back Pressure, Bypass and Anti-Siphon

RVDT vs. BPV Internal Comparison ↗

Series RVD Angle Pattern Diaphragm Relief Valves 1/4" and 1/2" ↗

Series RVDM Straight Pattern Relief Valves ↗

Series RVDT RVDTM PTFE Diaphragm Relief Valves ↗

Series RVT Angle Pattern Relief Valves 1/2" - 2" ↗

Series RVTX Heavy-duty 3" Angle Pattern Relief Valves ↗

Series TRVDT 3 Way Relief Valves ↗

Shutoff and Diverter Valves

Series BSD, BSDA, BSDAM PTFE Diaphragm Shutoff Valve 1/4" - 1-1/2" ↗

Series BSR, BSRM Pressure Balanced Air Shutoff 1/2" - 2" ↗

Series HSA Air Operated Pinch Valve ↗

Series MFR Manual Valve Hand or Foot operated ↗

Sight Glasses and Level Indicators

Series GX, GY, GYW and GL Specifications ↗

Solenoid Valves

Series EAST 1/4" and 1/2"  PTFE Bellows Design ↗

Series EASYMT and EASMT PTFE Bellows Solenoid with Rectified W24 Coil Valves 1/4" - 1" ↗

Series PS Pilot Assisted Solenoid Valve 1/2" - 3" ↗

Venting Valves and Vacuum Breakers

Series ARV Air Release Valves ↗

Series CARD Combination Air Release and Degassing Valves ↗

Series DGV High Performance Degassing Valves ↗

Series VB, VBM and VBS Vacuum Breakers ↗

Series VBS 3" and 4" ↗

Praher Valves

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Commercial Valves

3" MPV Assembly ↗

3" PVC 3 Port Rotary Diverter Valve ↗

CPVC Ball Check Valves ↗

CPVC True Union Ball Valves

CR4 True Union Inline Strainers

Diaphragm Valve Hand-Operated

Flowmeter Series M23 Fullsize

Flowmeter Series M123 Compact

HL Butterfly Valve with Gear Actuator

Industrial Valves Brochure 

K4 Butterfly Valve with Gear Operator ↗

K4 Butterfly Valve with Lever Handle

K4 Swing Check Valve

K6 PVC Wafer Check Valve

M1 Series Industrial PP True Union Ball Valves EPDM

M1 Series Industrial PP True Union Ball Valves Viton

M1 Series Industrial PP True Union Ball Valves Metric Ends

M1 Series Industrial PVC True Union Ball Valves

S4 3-Way Ball Valve

S4 3-Way Ball Valve Features and Labelling System ↗

S4 Laboratory Ball Valve

S4 Spring Check Aerating (Vacuum Breaker Valve)

S4 True Union Ball Valve with Locking Handle

S4 True Union Inline Strainer

S4 Wafer Check Valve

S6 2-Way True Union Ball Valve

T4 Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve ↗

Pool and Spa Valves

4" Compact Ball Valves ↗

Double Union Clear Check Valves ↗

OV2 Diverter Valves ↗

OV3 Diverter Valves

Pipe Clamps

Single Union Ball Valves

Single Union Check Valves


Weld On Cement

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Guide to Solvent Welding ↗


Hose and Tubing

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Low Temperature Hose ↗


IBC Adaptors

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IBC Vents Dual Action ↗

2" Male Buttress IBC Valve ↗

2" Camlock IBC Valves ↗

2" Male NPTNPS IBC Valves ↗

3" Male Buttress IBC Valves ↗

Drum Converters ↗

Drum Pump with Fume Recovery ↗

IBC Reconditioning Spare Parts ↗

IBC Spare Parts ↗


Banjo Flow Control

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Cam Lever Couplings ↗

Centrifugal Pumps ↗

Dry Mates ↗

Electric Valves ↗

IBC Tank Accessories ↗

Line Strainers ↗

Manifold Flange Connections ↗

Pipe Fittings ↗

Valves ↗


Black Polypro

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Bulkhead Fittings and Tank Fittings ↗

Cam Couplers ↗

Dry Poppet ↗

Fittings, Nylon and Polypropylene ↗

Hose Clamps, Skin Savers and Cable Ties ↗

Manifold Flange Fittings ↗

Schedule 80 Heavy Duty ↗

Spray Components ↗

Strainers ↗


Quick Compression

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Accessories Inch and Metric ↗

Check Valves Inch Acetal ↗

How To Make a Push Fit Connection ↗

Inch Acetal Gray ↗

Inch Acetal White ↗

Inch Brass ↗

Inch Polypropylene Black ↗

Inch Polypropylene White ↗

Inch Superseal ↗

Metric Acetal Black ↗

Metric Polypropylene White ↗

Metric To Inch ↗

Shut Off Valves Inch Polypropylene ↗

Tubing LLDPE ↗


Bonar Plastics

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Material Handling Product Guide ↗

Monster Combo Bins ↗

Insulated Fish Boxes ↗

Sani-Pallet ↗


King Plastics Sheets

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ColorBoard ↗

ColorCore ↗

CuttingBoard ↗

CuttingBoard XL


DuraStyle Catalog


Green LEED


King Performance Commodities ABS

King Performance Commodities ABS w/Flame Retardant

King Performance Commodities HDPE

King Performance Commodities LDPE

King Performance Commodities Polypropylene




Plasti-Shield ↗


StarBoard Anti-Skid ↗

StarBoard ST (Stiff)

StarBoard XL (Marine Grade)

StarLite XL (Marine Grade) ↗


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