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Type-21 ball valves are corrosion resistant plastic manual true union design quarter turn valves with hyperbolic flow characteristics, low pressure drops and reliable sealing. They are typically used in on/off applications and are offer relatively poor flow control. They are excellent for use in clean fluid service applications with very little to no suspended solids. Type-21 ball valves are well suited for a wide variety of fluid flow applications. True union ball valves can be lifted from the line without having to move the piping simply by loosening the two union nuts. The valves can be disassembled, and parts may be replaced.They can be pneumatically or electrically actuated.


Full Port
High capacity and low pressure drops

Fully Blocking
Downstream union nut may be safely disassembled for piping maintenance while valve is closed off under full system pressure

Pressure rated to 230 psi
Provides a high factor of safety

Safety Shear Stem Design
Double Stem o-ring Design allows valve to hold full pressure even if stem breaks due to excessive torque

Built-In Spanner Wrench
Top of the handle is designed to be used as a tool for accessing internal parts


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