Compression Swing Check Valves

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Pressure Rating @ 73°F (23°C), Water
Full Flow (open)              150 psi
Back Pressure (closed)     75 psi

Maximum Service Temperature
140°F (60°C)


  • Standard Swing Check Assembly Maintains a Positive Seal
  • Convenient Compression Ends for Quick Connections
  • Engineered for Maximum Flow, Quick Response & Positive Shutoff
  • Excellent for Pool & Spa, OEM and General Purpose Applications
  • Compact, Space-Saving Design
  • Replaceable PVC White or Clear Sealed Unit
  • High Grade EPDM Seat
  • Suitable for Horizontal or Vertical Up-flow Installations
  • Pressure Rated to 150 psi @ 73°F Full Flow (open),
    75 psi Back Pressure (closed)
  • Maximum Service Temperature 140°F (temperature/pressure
    de-ratings apply)

General Installation Information:  Swing check valves are designed for horizontal installations, but may be installed in up-flow only vertical position. Check valves MUST be installed with the valve's FLOW arrow pointing in the direction of the flow. Do not install valve upside down. Flow velocity should not exceed 5 ft./sec. Minimum opening pressure less than 0.5 psi.

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